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Validated ID: Towards a Patient-Centric Approach

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Daniel Translateur, VP, Sales, Validated IDDaniel Translateur, VP, Sales, Validated ID
The healthcare industry is undergoing seismic changes. Positive patient experience is increasingly viewed as a differentiator in this changing landscape—applying new pressures on healthcare organizations to transform the way they do business. Healthcare organizations are now looking to improve patient satisfaction in all facets of the hospital experience, especially at key customer touchpoints. One place where organizations can make a difference is in eliminating paper and implementing tablet computers as part of the process. It is simple, by seamlessly integrating mobile devices with function-tailored data capture capabilities and electronic signature, there is a dramatic improvement in the age-old processes.

Validated ID is a company which fills the lacuna by providing different ways of digital signing in the domain of health services. It eases the procedures and enables faster patient onboarding and safer archiving of information.

Validated ID was started in 2012 by a team of enthusiastic professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in the field of ID and signature systems. It has revolutionized doctor-patient relationship with their sublimely simple solutions. Validated ID’s solutions can be accessed in multiple platforms including Android and Windows. It obtains consent by using tablets (iOS, Android, Chromebooks) that ensure that the patient can thoroughly read and understand the matter that is to be signed. “Our customers and competitors were using one type of signature in all scenarios and we saw the need to create different signatures for different scenarios to cope with all of the needs of the industry, thus our capability to provide multiple signatures according to customer needs is the major factor that differentiates us from the rest,” says Daniel Translateur, VP Sales of Validated ID.

We intend to revolutionize the market with something completely universal that connects better with you and the document

VIDsigner, an electronic signature service solution is the flagship product offered by the company. It is a handwritten signature on an electronic format and works both in face-to-face and remote scenarios. The solution works seamlessly for the entire contract. If for instance, the service becomes unavailable to the user, the company takes responsibility by accepting penalties. The easy-to-use solution enables the patient to read the document on the device and then sign. The company takes care of all the technical aspects that are involved and turns them into a straightforward process with highly robust legal evidence.

For the client ‘St John of God Health Care Center’ in Barcelona, the company was able to digitalize over 800 documents per month, and today 90 percent of their 2300 employees don’t have to sign face-to-face documentation anymore. Over 660 clients have already leveraged the simple yet powerful solutions built by the firm. It has registered over 2.5 million digital signatures across the world. Apart from powerful solutions, the intense level of compliance assured by the company also helps Validated ID to be a trusted partner for its clients.

Validated ID has made international partnerships with DocuSign and DocuWare. The company has already started to focus on the creation of a signature system designed exclusively for contracts “At present, we are creating a new ID and a signature system, which will apply to contracts. Incorporating blockchain technology, we intend to revolutionize the market with something completely universal that connects better with you and the document,” concludes Translateur.