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Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies in UK - 2021

Everyone has come across the term ‘consumer is king,’ which often serves as the motto around the modern retail revolution. A similar change is taking place in healthcare as well, where the patient is taking the throne from profit-centric establishments. As patients are becoming more inclined to be treated as a consumer, healthcare organisations are turning toward smart technology to upgrade their patient engagement game.

Technologies like AI-based chatbot assistants, IoT-based wearables, and telehealth, among many others, are paving the way for better engagement, campaigning, and assessment of patients. By incorporating these technologies, healthcare organisations are focusing on the previously-ignored touchpoints and enhancing their ROI.

The utilisation AI-based chatbots, specifically, is enabling organisations to extend support to patients in a more personalised manner, wherever the patients may be. The chatbots are automating simple functions like answering queries, or finding the nearest doctors for check-ups or diagnoses. In many cases, chatbots are even helping patients schedule appointments, pay bills, and access their tests through HIPAA-secured portals.

Telehealth, on the other hand, is helping healthcare organisations introduce new

methods of care delivery, even giving care providers the ability to reach patients outside the four walls of the doctors’ office. Especially for patients living in areas far away from an established hospital, telehealth is proving to be quite a boon, saving them the time, effort, and cost needed for travel. With telehealth, patients can receive access to specialised care directly from their homes.

In the wake of such innovative trends sweeping through the healthcare sector, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook to assist care providers in the task of finding accomplished patient engagement solution providers. It is elaborately crafted to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have listed the top patient engagement solution providers to highlight those making significant contributions to the healthcare sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companiesin UK – 2021.”

    Top Patient Engagement Solution Companies in UK

  • Eon Biotechnology is focused on the conceptualisation and development of innovative smart medical solutions targeting the control and eradication of infectious diseases

  • Patient Connect strives to create a healthier world with a thriving biopharmaceutical industry that provides patients with the best possible support, empowering everyone to make informed healthcare decisions

  • UK-based Connected Care, a division of The Surgical Company, has developed Sensium, a wireless, wearable technology that allows care providers to easily monitor the vital signs of patients in their care. Sensium has devised a wearable patch that provides accurate and continual monitoring of the three key lead indicators of patient deterioration: heart-rate, respiration rate, and temperature. The unrivalled accuracy of the transmitted data is a testament to Sensium’s decades’ worth of research and development which has been peer-reviewed by 23 clinical publications

  • COUCH Health

    COUCH Health

    A patient engagement agency committed to making clinical study experiences human

  • e-clinic


    e-clinic has been providing a world class patient and clinic management system to healthcare for over 15 years

  • ExtraMed


    ExtraMed is a leading provider of patient flow management software and other clinical solutions for the NHS

  • Healios


    Healios is a leading digital healthcare company providing mental health services by blending the best of technology with specialised clinical expertise and a personal human connection

  • Hospedia


    Hospedia is a leading operator of point of care software and services. Its solutions are used in more than 160 sites across the NHS, delivering clinical applications, patient engagement solutions, WiFi and patient media

  • Patient Pathway App

    Patient Pathway App

    Patient Pathway App is a great platform for healthcare organisations to manage demand, promote health campaigns, improve efficiency and provide better patient experience

  • PatientComms


    PatientComms is a unique cloud-based patient engagement platform for healthcare providers. It integrates seamlessly with patient management systems and has been developed by a team of industry professionals with over 25 years experience