Orion Health: Integrated and Personalized Patient Care

Orion Health: Integrated and Personalized Patient Care

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Ian McCrae, Director & CEO, Orion HealthIan McCrae, Director & CEO, Orion Health
At 57, Robert was thoroughly enjoying his life until he was diagnosed with oral cancer. Following the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery under the supervision of a specialist, he decided to consult another physician. The second doctor enquired about Robert’s medical history concerning his condition. After learning about Robert’s symptoms, the doctor identified different possible causes, but the picture became clear only after she accessed the Orion Health platform. It allowed the physician to learn that Robert previously consumed nutrients through a feeding tube due to the pain in his mouth and throat. The doctor also found out that Robert did not have a blood test in almost six months.

She could thereafter outline the steps to determine the cause for Robert’s condition and recommend possible treatment options. The doctor used the data provided by the Orion Health platform to select only the tests required to be conducted in order to complete Robert’s diagnosis and checkup. However, if she had no access to patient’s medical history at the point of care, she would have had to sift through heaps of medical records and also recommend a couple of tests. In this case, the ability to retrieve patient’s medical history proved monumental for the doctor in recommending the best treatment to him immediately. It is this ability to facilitate physicians with such actionable patient information as well as create a better engagement between patients and doctors drives the London-based Orion Health toward revolutionizing healthcare.

Orion Health places patients at the center of their own healthcare and enables them to make critical care decisions themselves supported by research, education, and the guidance of their physicians and family. It creates a world where information can be easily shared between caregivers and clinicians, ensuring that patients receive the best healthcare possible. Orion Healthcare equips patients with the right tools to monitor their progress, share any sign of deterioration or concern with the circle of care—family and physicians—to take immediate preventative action. These tools focus on data integration, fully interoperable integrated digital care records (IDCRs), patient portals, shared care planning, healthcare pathways, medicines management, and more. Orion Health’s IDCR platform captures vast amounts of health data and supports healthcare professionals as well as health insurers who manage their patients’ wellness programs. Tools such as IDCR significantly empower healthcare professionals in strengthening care management and patient engagement.

Revolutionizing Global Healthcare

Gathering patient information to make the right treatment decisions can be a challenging task for healthcare professionals, particularly when multiple phone calls, faxes, and IT systems are involved. Being one of the largest IDCR providers in the UK, Orion Health helps to obliterate these barriers by implementing its solution.

IDCR can integrate an individual’s health and care data from disparate systems on a single platform. It allows clinicians and caregivers to utilize additional functionality such as care planning, test ordering, and referral management. It eliminates the need to rely on paper-based medical records that can only be stored in one place and viewed by one person at a time. Orion Health’s IDCR rather provides easy accessibility to data through seamless data integration and visualization. These digital records support professionals across health and care landscape to ensure primary care, secondary care, mental health, and social care along with ensuring better patient outcomes.

Amadeus—the open healthcare platform—not only imparts the functionality that organizations need today, but is also poised to meet the needs of tomorrow

The success rate of programs that were initiated to provide medical information to patients in the UK speak volumes of the benefits that IDCRs offer in terms of patient outcomes, efficiency, and workflow.

Orion Health also offers a cloud-based big data platform—Amadeus—for end-to-end population health and precision medicine through its cloud-based big data platform—Amadeus. It is a highly scalable platform that aggregates health data from traditional as well as non-traditional sources and provides healthcare professionals with real-time cognitive support to make the best possible decisions at the point of care. Amadeus accommodates voluminous data that strengthens the population health management and precision medicine models of healthcare.

The considerable increase in the amount and sources of data makes the integration strenuous for healthcare professionals. Orion Health is committed to ensuring that these professionals have tools for interoperability— that offer the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information—to access accurate and comprehensive data. The company’s solution for interoperability includes open application programming interfaces (APIs). Aligned with industry standards, these open APIs provide a number of benefits and support new applications to be built on top of the Amadeus platform. The platform’s API management layer allows third-party developers to build new capabilities on the platform, creating an innovative healthcare ecosystem.

Amadeus—the open healthcare platform—not only imparts the functionality that organizations need today, but is also poised to meet the needs of tomorrow. Orion Health is helping companies in delivering the recommendations laid out in the Five Year Forward View and the Personalized Health and Care 2020 framework by NHS England. A multitude of clinicians in more than 30 countries uses Orion Health’s healthcare information technology solutions including Clinical Commissioning Groups in Bristol and Camden and Tower Hamlets. The company is also undertaking award-winning projects in Northern Ireland and Bristol to improve the clinical workflow, decision-making, and patient care.

A Partner of Choice

Recently, Orion Health has partnered with Abu Dhabi Health Data Services to deliver the first health information exchange (HIE) platform to the Middle East customers. ‘Malaffi’—the HIE platform—will centrally store and enable the exchange of patient health information between healthcare professionals.

The centralized patient records will reduce the duplication of diagnostic procedures and ultimately improve the quality of care and outcomes. ‘Malaffi’ will connect 2,000 public and private healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi.

The platform will analyze the enormous amount of data generated in the healthcare space every day and will leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive the digital transformation of healthcare. “Orion Health is delighted to be selected as the partner of choice to deliver UAE’s first HIE platform,” says Ian McCrae, Director and CEO, Orion Health.

The company is currently investing tremendously in research and development (R&D) in areas such as ML. Channelizing its data integration capabilities along with cutting-edge research, the Orion Health team is committed to eradicating the pitfalls around population health in order to progress to precision medicine.