Top Patient Care Solution Companies in Europe
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Top 10 Patient Care Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Patient engagement has been rapidly emerging and it is today’s buzzword in the healthcare industry. When patient contentment has become the ultimate priority of the sector, new technologies incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning are seeing increased use in solutions to uphold developmental momentum in companies.

Wearable technologies, health information exchange platforms, and patient portals are all created to improve patient engagement. However, unless patients take the lead in these programs, these technologies are to no avail. To successfully create engagement and gauge interactions with patients, the care delivery needs to be tightly aligned across physicians, pharmacies, and medical institutions to accurately share patient data promptly. Observing the need and potential of this provision, providers are weaving newer strategies and aiming at further developments that would lead to higher outcomes. With a multitude of vendors offering patient engagement and patient care solutions critical to the business needs of the organizations, it can be quite troublesome for the CIOs to zero in on the right fit for their needs.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook presents to you the most promising patient engagement solution providers in Europe in 2020. Over the past few months, a panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the editorial team have reviewed companies in the healthcare solution sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who have shown exceptional growth and have met the challenges of the industry head-on. We present to you, Top 10 Patient Care Solution Providers in Europe 2020.

    Top Patient Care Solution Companies in Europe

  • The company is a pan-European medical service provider offering premium diagnostic imaging, cancer detection and cancer treatment services working only with state-of-the-art technology and experienced medical professionals.Operating a highly respected portfolio of medical centres across the continent, affidea’s services are at the cutting edge of patient care – a lifeline to patients in need of its expertise. Affidea operates diagnostic and cancer treatment centres in 16 countries across Europe.

  • BeWell Innovations specializes in connected medical technology for patient self-testing and telemonitoring, and is automating the patient journey with GDPR compliant digital patient tracking platform. BeWell Innovations was founded in 2010 to address the need for accumulating patient data at a single location and digitizing it to help healthcare entities serve patients effectively. Today, as a fast-growing Belgian e-health and medtech company, BeWell Innovations specializes in connected medical technology for patient self-testing and telemonitoring, and is automating the patient journey with its GDPR compliant digital patient tracking platform. The platform is helping healthcare centers to deliver affordable quality care at the campus or remotely with integrated care paths while ensuring a more patient-centric and physician-driven approach

  • Offers healthcare providers smart solutions such as harnessing the power of real-time management and create the hospital-wide optimal balance between finances, quality, capacity and the patient process.We believe in the power of integrated information provision. With a data-driven approach, we offer support in improving your care provision. We have a solution for every department in your hospital, based on one data source as a stable force behind this solution.

  • Aptivision


    The company has created a unified Healthcare Information System embracing latest technologies to enable quicker and more effective outcomes for Patients, Clinicians and Healthcare Providers.We have a unified total solution which includes end to end patient management workflow, but which can be modular and implemented as individual packages or bundles to fulfill any brief and solve specific problems.

  • Dignio


    Offers patients with solutions such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, medication compliance, home lab in order to disrupt traditional medical services and initiate newer possibilities.Our medication dispensers are integrated with Dignio Prevent, and can be used as part of a comprehensive connected care program or independently. They are mobile and support an active everyday life, preventing isolation and health deterioration.

  • Domedica


    Provides Integrated Health Care by multimedia detailing, observational studies,patient support programme and much more

  • Domo Safety

    Domo Safety

    Provides home security and health monitoring solutions to elderly and patients lacking motor skills to travel to and fro to hospitals .We focus on the human being around the elderly as well as on the protection of the private sphere. Our objective is to improve the quality of the information received by the family or health professionals in order to be able to guarantee an adequate service, whether during an urgent incident or for prevention. Information is only shared in the event of an incident, which guarantees privacy, because in a normal situation, information is in no way shared .

  • Era


    Era is developed by Ivbar. We are a purpose driven organisation developing technology and expertise to support a fundamental shift in how healthcare is delivered.Ivbar was founded in 2012 in Stockholm as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet. Today we are world leading in our field, active in several countries.Ivbar’s integrated analytics and payment platform Era helps Health authorities, Payer and Provider organizations maximise the value of existing data. Combined with our broad expertise, we offer solutions to optimise resources and improve health outcomes for patients.

  • JUB Solutions

    JUB Solutions

    Focuses on the development and manufacture of innovative products and solutions in the health sector and especially for blood banks.With safety and patient care as the main objective, we use technology to respond to the needs of healthcare professionals.The development of quality solutions and the willingness to serve our customers define our character.

  • Nurea


    Designs softwares simplifying surgeon decision process and patient follow-up by automatizing medical images treatment an dusing powerful algorithms.The software is completely integrated in the surgeon workflow making its use simple and intuitive with no effort. Thanks to our software, the surgeon saves time and the patient follow-up is enhanced. We first focus on aortic aneurism. The software allows the surgeon to easily visualize the evolution of the aneurysm through geometrical data but also pressures and stress due to the blood flow. We also integrate in our software, a prediction tool giving hints on how the aneurysm will evolve based on data classification of geometry and blood flow characteristics.