Top Patient Engagement Solution Companies in Europe
moveUP: Personalisation is Paramount for Value-Based Healthcare

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Patient engagement has been rapidly emerging and it is today’s buzzword in the healthcare industry. When patient contentment has become the ultimate priority of the sector, new technologies incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning are seeing increased use in solutions to uphold developmental momentum in companies.

Wearable technologies, health information exchange platforms, and patient portals are all created to improve patient engagement. However, unless patients take the lead in these programs, these technologies are to no avail. To successfully create engagement and gauge interactions with patients, the care delivery needs to be tightly aligned across physicians, pharmacies, and medical institutions to accurately share patient data promptly. Observing the need and potential of this provision, providers are weaving newer strategies and aiming at further developments that would lead to higher outcomes. With a multitude of vendors offering patient engagement and patient care solutions critical to the business needs of the organizations, it can be quite troublesome for the CIOs to zero in on the right fit for their needs.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook presents to you the most promising patient engagement solution providers in Europe in 2020. Over the past few months, a panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the editorial team have reviewed companies in the healthcare solution sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who have shown exceptional growth and have met the challenges of the industry head-on. We present to you, Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers in Europe 2020.

    Top Patient Engagement Solution Companies in Europe

  • Provides a medical data management and diagnostics platform, ‘Healthcare Operability with Patient Engagement’ (HOPE), empowering patients to connect with medical staff securely. HOPE empowers healthcare providers to monitor their patients digitally and remotely. Patients and caretakers can inform physicians of physical conditions by filling out smart digital forms via a mobile or over the web with the added benefits of prediction and decision support. HOPE seamlessly integrates into multiple types of medical records, quality registers, biobanks, research databases and medical devices by utilizing APIS. In addition, physicians and patients can gain access to registered and processed values at activity level based on EBP

  • With an ardent focus on patient engagement, moveUP is an expert in digital therapeutics offering a whole range of patient pathway solutions through companion, coaching and live monitoring. The company brings digital therapeutics—all as a certified service or medical device. For each pathology, moveUP matches with a clear value proposition for each of the stakeholders (patient empowerment, specialists, physical therapists, GP, nurse) through industry partnerships. By continuously applying extensive research and evidence collection, the expert team at moveUP is committed to improving its platform to enable personalised digital therapeutics in orthopaedics and beyond. In doing so, the company leverages lean methodology, focus groups, quality management system and clinical studies to strengthen its value proposition in the market.

  • Vree Health Italia is committed to making a difference in healthcare through innovative projects where processes and technologies are integrated to improve access, quality and sustainability of care. As a frontrunner in connected health solutions and services, Vree Health Italia has developed a comprehensive set of patient engagement solutions and services that meet the current market demands of value, innovation and sustainability. The company offers a distinct suite of solutions that address a spectrum of areas around care management, which include remote patient monitoring (Doctor Plus®), chronic care management (Chronic Plus®), telemedicine and point of care (Doctor Plus® Analysis). Products support care management (Platform CareIT®) and neuromuscular block monitoring (iTOF®) and they are both CE certified

  • Doctolib


    A leading e-health service provider in europe focusing on solutions that benefit both professionals and patients .We believe that practitioners and secretaries are at the heart of the transformation of the health system. Our mission is to build with them the offices and hospitals of the future. This is the only way to sustainably improve the health of their patients and the working conditions of health professionals.

  • Hoppen


    The company provides a plethora of services and solutions for doctors, patients and the care centers as well in order to multiply the performance levels of the establishment

  • Oneview


    It's situationally-aware platform allows caregivers to make real-time care decisions, improves care coordination and workflows, and empowers patients, seniors and families to be active participants in their care.Oneview is a global leader building technology and experience solutions that unify the care experience for patients and seniors. The whole person. The entire care team. The foundation for innovation.Oneview addresses a person’s unique biopsychosocial needs, restores a sense of control over their own care and environment, and provides comfort and timely access to virtual care.

  • OPEN Health

    OPEN Health

    The company focuses on market access, medical communications, digital and health technology creating positive change in patient engagement.We are proud to work in partnership with world-leading organisations and companies who are committed to improving the lives of patients.Our focus is on delivering excellence, and crafting the optimal approach to every project.We’re proud of our innovative mindset, and as a group have developed new solutions and ways of working that not only anticipate the future of healthcare communications, but define and evolve it. This free-thinking mindset has led to a number of industry awards across our range of services.

  • Orion Health

    Orion Health

    Provider of healthcare information technology advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health ecosystem.In the face of growing and aging populations and the rise of chronic diseases, health systems the world over are under strain. As healthcare expenditure continues to rise, the need for innovative solutions that keep people healthy and out of hospital becomes more vital.Working in a healthcare sector that is inevitably fragmented, clinicians and caregivers are not empowered with the right information to deliver the best possible care. Technology can change that.

  • S3 Connected Health

    S3 Connected Health

    Provides digital solutions for pharma and medtech that improve the lives of patients with chronic conditions and help transform healthcare.Affinial is our trusted cloud-based platform. It enables you to deliver a range of patient and clinician services around a therapy, treatment or connected medical device. It’s regulatory compliant, robust and secure.

  • Samedi GmbH

    Samedi GmbH

    The company networks healthcare and optimizes medical workflows and processes.Driven by a personal health experience and the complex and difficult coordination of coordinated doctor's appointments, we came up with the idea in 2008 to make appointment management in the healthcare sector more patient-friendly. It all started with the idea of ​​establishing online appointments - similar to other branches - at the doctor's as well.