Top Patient Engagement Technology companies in UK
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Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies in UK - 2019

As the healthcare industry continues to shift toward a more value-based system, the need to increase patient engagement has gained paramount importance. In fact, it’s proven that when patients are engaged in their own healthcare, they experience fewer medical errors, and ultimately have better outcomes. Therefore, in today’s digital era, it is imperative to understand how technology can be utilized to boost patient engagement and as a result, positively impact patients’ health outcomes.

One such technological breakthrough is wearable devices. Resembling a watch or a locket, wearable devices are more than just accessories that track how many steps a person has walked in a day; they can be beneficial for monitoring one’s health. Thus, more and more patients are embracing the technology. In fact, a recent survey from Accenture shows that the number of consumers who use health¬-related wearables increased from nine percent to 21 percent in the last two years, and 76 percent of these patients followed their physician’s recommendation to use wearables to track their health.

Automated transitional care management is another key program that is coming to the fore to increase patient engagement. These programs help clinicians efficiently and cost-effectively extend their reach by providing ongoing support and education. By scheduling the delivery of timely information to their patient, clinicians are not only able to reach the patients wherever they are, but also when they need them the most.

That said, to help CIOs find the right patient engagement solution provider, our distinguished selection panel has evaluated dozens of leading-edge health tech companies that showcase unique methodologies, techniques, and technologies to serve their patients better. In our selection, we looked at the solution provider’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible patient engagement systems.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers in UK – 2019.”

    Top Patient Engagement Technology companies in UK

  • Medesk is a digital platform for private clinics, uniting all of the services and tools necessary to run a medical business practice

  • A patient engagement solution provider that co-creates solutions by partnering with patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and patients

  • Cambio Healthcare Systems Ltd

    Cambio Healthcare Systems Ltd

    Provides advanced patient flow management that connects multiple care settings and teams to achieve great experiences for patients

  • ClinicYou


    Offers cloud-based clinical software tools that enable efficient patient communication and simplifies the working life of clinicians

  • Connect America

    Connect America

    A leading point of care software solution provider that enables clinicians to make quicker and safer decisions while keeping the patients educated and entertained at every stage

  • DrDoctor


    Delivers software solutions harnessing the power of web, smartphones, and SMS, to help patients choose and reschedule their appointments, give feedback, and learn more about the clinics

  • Excelicare


    Provides software solutions that aggregate and harmonize administrative, clinical and patient data from disparate sources to improve outcomes, enrich patient experience, and lower costs

  • Lumeon


    Fosters Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform and solutions to enable health enterprises design and virtualize efficient patient-centric models of care

  • Oneview Healthcare PLC

    Oneview Healthcare PLC

    Delivers innovative inpatient solutions that connects patients to providers, reduce their anxiety, and create better experiences for both patients and their families

  • Voscuris


    Enables seamless communication on a unified platform with all stakeholders in the diagnostic reporting process including laboratories, practitioners, patients, and researchers